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Belgian James Bond Fan Club
07 December 2022 "BOND in MOTION"
Beatrice together with Meg Simmonds (Archivist at EON)
Lee Morisson, Beatrice & Chris Corbould
Beatrice and the boat as seen in "Quantum Of Solace"
Beatrice and the model of Moonraker cable car gondola
Beatrice giving a speech at the gala opening
07 May 2022 "CovCon"
10 July 2020 "Expo Memoires D'un Agent Secret"
Béatrice Libert as Mademoiselle Deradier
Béatrice Libert as Mademoiselle Deradier &
Catherine Serre as Countess Labinsky
Béatrice Libert & Remy Julienne

19 October 2019 "4é James Bond Meeting" JBCA
20 October 2018 "Retour Chez Drax" French JBC
15 January 2014 "De Neus Van Pinokkio" Belgian TV-Show
MaMo Productions 2017